Travel and ground transportation in BoliviaTravel and ground transportation in Bolivia

Travel and ground transportation in Bolivia

During our travels, several means of ground transportation can be used. 

 For small groups or families, private minibuses (van type) are proposed for optimum comfort, then 4x4 vehicles for the visit of the salar of Uyuni and the region of South Lipez, which presents very particular climatic conditions. 

For the trips offering the freedom formula you will be brought to take buses of line, in this case we reserve the best companies. If you don't book a complete trip with Antipode and you have to book your own ground transportation, we would like to give you some information: 

For the line buses:

The real problem in terms of ground transportation does not lie so much in the state of the vehicles, but rather in the state of the roads. Asphalt roads are far less numerous than dirt roads, full of hollows and bumps, and many curves, especially in the Andes. In addition, travel during the rainy season is often an adventure. Tracks become slippery or are damaged, which lengthens the travel time; or they are simply blocked because they are flooded and therefore impassable. Cancellations of departures are also frequent. Therefore, allow for some leeway, especially if you have a plane to catch at the end of the trip.  

Collective buses in the city:

In the city, the most common means of transportation is the micro, a kind of minibus that takes you from one point to another in the city. Despite their fixed route, it is sometimes difficult to know which one to take to get to your destination. Use signs to help you find out where they go, or ask the driver or a passer-by directly. You can get off at any point by telling the driver where you should go.  

Cabs in Bolivia:

Cabs are still a relatively accessible option for everyone. The price should be set before getting into the cab, as there is no meter, and fares vary according to distance, number of people, traffic at the time of the ride, and also according to the customer's head. It is strongly discouraged to take cabs at random in the street, always have a safe cab company called by your hotel or the restaurant where you eat.

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