Sucre and its regionSucre and its region

Sucre and its region

Located in the heart of the country, this region is surrounded by a lot of hills, valleys and fertile basins that are favorable to agriculture. Sucre, the white Sucre, country’s constitutional capital, headquarters of legal power, the symbol of independence in 1825, jewel of Baroque Art in Latin America, is nestled in lush greenery. Without any doubt, Sucre (pronounced “soucré”) is the most beautiful city in Bolivia thanks to its huge quantity of patios and small cobblestone streets. Originally, the city was designated to the Spanish bourgeoisie who came to live in America. Nowadays, it is the main office of various museums during the day and bar-restaurants at night, and cultural life is truly burgeoning. The interest, architecture, historic, cultural, artistic and sportive centers are not lacking (treks, excursions, etc…) and make Sucre a privileged passing point for every visitor.

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