Why travel with us?

Why travel with us?

Local advisers at your service (even during your trip)

With our agency you have the advantage of having an adviser at your disposal who lives in the country and lives the realities of the country in which you travel. You will thus be able to benefit from our expert advice on the destination but also from the latest fashionable addresses, the best restaurants, and the latest shows. What better adviser than someone who lives there?

Your adviser can book you, as far as possible, (even during the trip) any type of service. Indeed, in the successful preparation of a trip, communication is essential. Our agencies have telephone numbers with local calling rates so that you don't hesitate to call us.

You can be called back by your adviser, just write to us, leave us your phone number and the time you would like us to call you back. We also use SKYPE or WHATSAPP calls.

Guides ... Real ones!

Because we consider travel above all as a human adventure, we consider our guides as the soul of our trips. We choose them meticulously.

Antipode use of local guides who know their country and culture well.

Trained as guides, they have the responsibility to ensure the full success of your trip and must deal with all the unexpected.

Meeting people...going towards each other

Because for us traveling is not just about passing through landscapes or tourist sites, we focus on the time to meet, exchange and understand another culture, other traditions.

During your trip, we try to make you meet a craftsman or a resident of a community. Many of our trips offer excursions of one or more days in communities or nights at the inhabitant's home.

Truly personalized trips

We have put together a large catalogue of travel options, all trips are modifiable according to your rhythm, your tastes or your budget. Do not hesitate to ask us.

We can also build a trip around a theme or your passion.

We are the producers and organizers of your trip

Antipode organizes completely the trip you have chosen, there is no intermediary, we have total control of the trip.

In case of crisis we are there!

With our physical presence in the countrys we operate in, we respond more efficiently to any problems such as strikes, accidents or illness.

We are at your service. A 24-hour emergency telephone number is at your disposal.

Partnerships with local tourism actors

Thanks to our presence in the field, we are close to most of the people involved in your trip, such as hoteliers, train or plane companies.

A road-book before your trip

A few days before your arrival, we will send you a complete travel document including a description of the excursions, names of the hotels and several practical information to help you prepare your stay.


Each request is processed within 24 to 48 hours (working days) depending on the complexity of the file.

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