The Bolivian AmazonThe Bolivian Amazon

The Bolivian Amazon

Despite it is the largest area of Bolivia, the Bolivian Amazon is not the most known. Mostly present in the Beni Department, the Amazon rainforest, with its suffocating heat and its incomparable moisture, is a whole host of surprises. First of all, obviously, the incredible biodiversity of virgin forest, almost unaffected (in comparison with the Brazilian forest, nowadays drastically reduced). Indeed, the significant number of natural parks has allowed, despite the threat represented by the massive tasks that are planned with more or less certainty, to preserve a lot of species, both animal and vegetal, housed in this nearly wide area. The other point of attraction of this region is the huge cultural diversity of these native peoples. Especially the traditional music, with its very special rhythms and instruments that give the impression of having entered in another world. The easier to move is by using boats on the rivers, an exotic and diversified transport method (pirogue, fret or floating hotel…), but subject to climate variations (great caution is necessary during the rainy season when river beds can expand or be reduced with more than 20 km every time).

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