Domestic airlines in BoliviaDomestic airlines in Bolivia

Domestic airlines in Bolivia

National Flights / Bolivian National Companies

Concerning aeronautic transportation, Bolivia is an emergent country. The country has several reliable airlines. Companies that attract our attention are as follow:

BOA / Boliviana de  aviación :

BOA is the national airline, young and dynamic, it mostly deserves cities that are far from the capital and the eastern Bolivia. 

Airline: BOA - IATA CODE: OB


Created in 1998 Amaszonas is an airline that owns as center the city of Trinidad in the Amazon, operating with smaller planes. You might use it to join Rurrenabaque or Trinidad.



This small airline with surprising French name covers since 2005 the western cities and the north of Bolivia, and from a short time, almost all Bolivia’s regions.



TAM are the initials of Transporte Aero Militar that is the national airline connected to the Ministry of Defense in Bolivia. It connects a lot of cities including the ones only accessible by this company.

Example of travels and flying times

La Paz / Santa-Cruz de la Sierra: 1 hour
La Paz / Sucre: 45 minutes 
La Paz / Tarija: 1 hour 
La Paz / Cusco: 55 minutes 
La Paz / Rurrenabaque: 40 minutes 
La Paz / Uyuni: 1 hour 
Sucre / Santa-Cruz de la Sierra: 35 minutes

Itineraries are given without stop. To this day, most of flights have a stop in the cities of Cochabamba or Trinidad. 

All itineraries do not have daily flights. Information is not exhaustive.

Checked and cabin luggage in Bolivian flights

Airlines in Bolivia use for some itineraries smaller planes (about 60 passengers). In these planes, checked luggage cannot exceed 20kg (about $35 USD per additional kilogram). Cabin luggage cannot exceed 5kg and must be small. Additional kilos will be at the expense of the travelers.


Some airports in Bolivia are located in altitude they are on climate-sensitive. This situation can cause flight delays and sometimes flight cancellation. Airlines also can change without prior notice the flights schedules; for instance, a flight planned on the morning can be changed to the afternoon, and inversely. So your travel program can be perturbed or modified. In these cases, we might try to find the most appropriate situation for the satisfactory continuation of you trip but you will not have any compensatory allowance.

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