Responsible Tourism

For Responsible Tourism!

In a context where global warming and the development of world tourism are major issues in the travel industry, the Antipode agency, strong of its experience, wishes to fully take part in the construction of a responsible and thoughtful tourism. Through its activity as a travel creator, Antipode has a fundamental responsibility, that of making the countries it operates discover the countries it operates to travelers wishing to discover, exchange and meet. From the awareness to the positions taken in the field, Antipode wishes to come back to this great challenge that is the construction of a thoughtful activity in order to inscribe it in sustainability.

Responsible tourism

We want to share with you the experience of travelling in Peru and Bolivia in a responsible way. We know very well that the impact of tourism can have positive consequences if it is practiced in a thoughtful way and negative ones if it is not in harmony with the environment. All of our tours have therefore been meticulously constructed to respect the environment and the components that make it up in which our passengers live.

Respect for local populations

During our trips, you will often be in contact with the people of the Andes. They make up the trekking team such as porters, "arrieros" and cooks or the villagers of the landscapes we cross. Of course, Antipode is committed to remunerate its guides and local service providers fairly. Whenever possible, we will exchange and share a bit of Andean life, either with our guides or with the inhabitants of the villages. Within this framework, Antipode agency works with several families from remote villages, by making them participate in our activities, we propose for example the sharing of a traditional Andean dinner like the Pachamanca (in Peru) with an interaction between the villagers and the travellers, or with the setting up of Andean weaving workshops which allow the travellers to learn about these traditional practices and to buy the products directly from the producers without any intermediary.

Respect for fauna and flora

Concerned about ecological balance Antipode applies rules for life in the natural environment. We will discreetly observe the fauna and we will refrain from picking the flowers and plants encountered along our routes. We will use gas for cooking during our expeditions rather than wood to preserve the forests. We will make sure, with the travellers, that all traces of our passage will disappear.

Antipode pioneer of "vivenciel" or community tourism

What better way to escape than to be in the company of those who welcome us? Travel is an opening to the world, and intercultural exchange is only possible when two cultures are present. It is from this simple postulate that Antipode favours in its travels exchanges and immersion in the culture, by going to meet the inhabitants of the country. We therefore offer nights in host families, which allow you to discover the realities of life in the country, as well as to share the traditional activities of the population, often related to working the land.

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