Tarija and its regionTarija and its region

Tarija and its region

Tarija city and its region are rich in mixing and exchanges. The Spanish trace, Andalusian, is still very present, as well as the Argentinian accents, with the accordion, less Andean dances and happier, lighter, rhythms…. Far from the images we may have of Bolivia, of the Andes and the panpipes, this is another Bolivian face you will discover in Tarija. And, for sure, its great specialty, wine; more and more internationally known, it is exported abroad and nationally appreciated. Spending time in the colonial streets of Tarija, have a walk along Guadalquivir River, is probably one of the most relaxing activity you can do in this small city. However, for those who just start their trip or would be tireless, Tarija has a lot of interest places.

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