Who are we?

Antipode in Bolivia

Por la carretera... always on the road!

Originally, Antipode was created in 2006 in Peru by travel enthusiasts. We have never stopped exploring and traveling the roads to offer you the most beautiful trips, the best encounters. Our team is always on the road "por la carretera", in search of new horizons and treasures that only the initiated living on the spot can share with you.

From then on, proposing stays in Bolivia, a country we love so much and so complementary to Peru, seemed obvious to us. We have therefore set up a structure in Bolivia to bring you a real plus in the discovery of its natural and cultural richness.

We are true specialists in tailor-made travel, and choose to make you discover Bolivia in a responsible way, close to its roots by inviting you to be fully involved in its development.

Today we also have the pleasure to accompany you through Chile, in particular to discover the region of the Atacama Desert, the metropolis of Santiago, the colors of Valparaíso and why not, the mysteries of Rapa Nui.

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