Copacabana and Titicaca LakeCopacabana and Titicaca Lake

Copacabana and Titicaca Lake

This name made a lot of travelers dream. Engraved in our collective unconscious as the final destination for mysteries and legends, reality has nothing to envy to dream. Contrasts between the waters’ deep blue and the sky’s, between the shining light of 3812m height and the shadows of the surrounding hills, between the red land and dried herbs, we can easily understand why did the men who get to know this place gave it a mystical and divine dimension. It was on its shores that numerous pre-Columbian civilizations were born; the Urus, now extinct, Aymaras’ military chiefs who settled their camp and then the Incas, who thought that the founders of their civilization, Titi, and Caca, man and woman, came out from the lake waters in order to create the Inca Empire. The “El Dorado” legend and a treasure made of gold hidden under the waters initiated plenty of excavations in the lake depths. It is said that the ransom of the last emperor Atahualpa, which subjects would have thrown in the river in an act of desperation after the execution of their leader, would still lay underwater. Even Commander Cousteau made several underwater expeditions but in vain. The massive remains of the Lake’s islands let also dream… In short, its elusive beauty and legends whispered keep captivating passing travelers.

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