Pisac Market

The other interest of Pisac is the village itself. It is caught between two high mountains, deep in the valley where maize is cultivated; Pisac is a small and calm village where tourism has a substantial importance. It is on Sundays that the traditional village of Pisac is the most noticeable: after the mass (spoken in Quechua), the inhabitants leave the church and cross the village with theirs traditional clothes and hats while blowing their pututus (shells that sound like a foghorn). The Sunday market is rich in local products: potatoes, maize, but also fruits, vegetables, bread and fruit juices. The rest of the time, this is a charming touristic market full of colors and typical tastes. In this context, we saw the apparition of an oven for empanadas (snacks filled with meat and vegetables):  they are cooked in a colonial traditional wood-fired oven; this is a true attraction and the tastes of these empanadas are probably the most authentic you can find in Peru.

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