Ollantaytambo – Archaeological siteOllantaytambo – Archaeological site

Ollantaytambo – Archaeological site

It is situated on the cliff above the village. The Inca citadel of Ollantaytambo has been the theater of Incas great victories against Spanish invaders. It was a fortress, a ceremonial center, a celestial center and a site for agricultural experimentation (like in Tipon or Moray). Several important areas are available to visit; the Inca baths and the Palace of the Princess at the beginning of the tour, and then, in direction to the agricultural terraces, we access to the Fortress, with its ramparts and its high protection walls, and in the center, the Temple of the Sun. The stone blocks, which come from a quarry at 6 km, are so impressive that imagine how they could put them at such height above the Valley is an epic story. 

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