Miradores of La PazMiradores of La Paz

Miradores of La Paz

Mirador Jach’ a Kullu (only during all-day excursions). In the west of the city, hung on the heights of El Alto, this viewpoint offers a wonderful view on La Paz; contrasts of the city are particularly noticeable from this strategic center of the Indian revolution in 1781. Mirador K’Illi K’Illi. In order to have an amazing view on and of the city of La Paz, in the deep of the valley, it is preferable to go to the belvedere K’Illi K’Illi, in the north. HG of revolutionary belonging to Tupaj Katari (indigenous revolution) in 1781, this is a strategic point where you can see all the city. The sunrise is also breathtaking. Park/Belvedere of Monticulo. This place is located in the traditional district of Sopocachi. This wonderful site is ideal to observe the city and its surroundings, apart from the chaos of the city center. Among the interesting points, the small chapel of the 19th century is encircled by legends, a miraculous virgin would have resisted to different disasters. Finally, the park is decorated with a fountain of Neptune and a gate sculpted in a Baroque/Mestizo style belonging to the ancient seminary of San Jeronimo.

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