Your luggage for a trip to BoliviaYour luggage for a trip to Bolivia

Your luggage for a trip to Bolivia

Airlines operate a very strict control on luggage. Check the weight and number of bags allowed in the hold. 

For your carry-on baggage, avoid placing any sharp objects (knife, scissors...) that you will leave in your hold luggage. Liquids or aerosols are also prohibited in the cabin. Travellers must bring two different bags, one bag or a large-capacity suitcase (50 to 70 liters) for all their belongings. A second bag must be a small backpack (30 to 40 liters) for the day, in which they can store their jacket, water bottle, camera and other accessories. 

Please note that domestic airlines accept a maximum weight of 22 kg per person in the hold (more information depending on the airline).  Antipode advises to travel with a maximum weight of 15 kg to facilitate the handling and to optimize the space of the 4x4 during the visits to the salar of Uyuni and South Lipez.

It often happens that during your trip, excursions of several days are planned with a return to the same hotel, such as for example to the salar of Uyuni, Lake Titicaca or the Amazon. In these cases, it is possible and strongly recommended that you leave most of your luggage at your hotel and take only what is necessary for the days of excursions. 

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