What is the budget for a trip to Bolivia & the cost of living? What is the budget for a trip to Bolivia & the cost of living?

What is the budget for a trip to Bolivia & the cost of living?

The cost of living in Bolivia varies according to a number of factors, including your travel style, your preferences for accommodation, food and activities, and the region you're visiting. Here's a general overview of the main elements to consider when estimating the cost of your trip to Bolivia:


Accommodation options in Bolivia range from cheap dormitories in youth hostels to luxury hotels. Rates vary accordingly, but in general, you can find budget hotel rooms from around $15 to $30 per night, while luxury options can cost upwards of $100 per night (much more in the Salar d'Uyuni).

At Antipode, we always offer private rooms with private bathrooms (except for refuges and homestays). Expect to pay at least US$50 per night.


Food in Bolivia is generally affordable, especially if you eat in local restaurants. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant can cost between 5 and 10 dollars, while a meal in an upscale restaurant can cost between 10 and 30 dollars.


Given the sheer size of Bolivia, the biggest budget item is transportation. 

Public transport such as buses and minibuses are the cheapest way to travel around the country. Fares vary according to distance, but in general you can get around by bus for just a few dollars.

However, if you want more comfort, or to visit more remote areas, you'll need to hire a private driver, often with a 4x4.

Cabs are also affordable in the cities, but be sure to agree a price before boarding.

Domestic flights can be more expensive, but they offer a quick way to get between the main tourist destinations.


Tourist activities in Bolivia vary in cost.

Shared-service activities are generally affordable and the most economical way to discover the country.

Private activities are more expensive, but can allow you to avoid the crowds, get off the beaten track and travel with your guide.

Group services are only offered in Spanish, sometimes in English.

Entrance fees for sites are generally affordable (except for the Lipez desert).

Other expenses 

Don't forget to budget for other expenses such as visa fees (for U.S. nationals), tips, souvenirs and any medical expenses.

What's the budget for a 15-day stay in Bolivia? 

That depends, of course! But as a general rule, apart from your international plane tickets, 15 days in Bolivia on a two-person basis, for a couple for example, comes to :

80/100 US$ per day for a single trip
120/150 US$ per day for a mixed trip combining group and private excursions
US$ 200 per day for an all-private trip with guides and drivers just for you, and comfortable accommodation
US$ 400 per day for a very comfortable trip with quality accommodation

Or for a two-week trip to Bolivia:

1500 US$ for a single trip 
2000 US$ for a mixed trip with a little more comfort
2500 US$ for a comfortable trip

This budget includes transport, accommodation, guided service and entrance fees.

Of course, this is simply an idea of a budget that depends on many parameters throughout your stay.

Overall, Bolivia is a relatively affordable destination for travellers, especially compared to other South American countries. By planning your trip and making wise choices in terms of accommodation, food and activities, you can make the most of a rewarding experience in Bolivia.

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