Useful information about daily life in BoliviaUseful information about daily life in Bolivia

Useful information about daily life in Bolivia


Taxis are numerous in every city and for safety reasons (false taxis), it is necessary to ask to your hotel or your restaurant to call an official taxi. Do not take a taxi directly in the street. Most of taxis give the price according to the number of persons and prices are higher at night.


Electricity voltage in Bolivia is 220V. Most of the hotels have hybrid electrical outlets for American and European plugs (fit or flat plugs). However, it could be useful to have an adaptor for fit plugs (American plugs).


You can find postal offices in every big city. Most of the hotels also offer this service, at the reception. Stamps are sold in postal offices and some businesses. Nonetheless, be careful because the postal service is quite slow. You might have come back in your country before your postcards…


In every big city, you can find Internet Coffees with very cheap prices (except if the region of Salar, South of Lipez and Amazon). From the charm category, all the hotel have an Internet connection (most of them in WI-FI).

Hour and timetable:

The local hour is -4hours GMT. Most of businesses and administrations open from 8.30 AM to 12.30PM and from 2.30PM to 6.30PM, from Monday to Friday and on Saturday only on the morning. On Sundays, this is day off. Appointments in Bolivia are mainly subjected to 30 minutes late, so be patient... 

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