Traveller's medical kit for BoliviaTraveller's medical kit for Bolivia

Traveller's medical kit for Bolivia

Passengers must take all their usual treatments for the trip. 

 Also,  sunscreen and for the Amazon, a powerful mosquito repellent with 50% DET (which is best purchased in the country of origin). 

For digestive problems (common during a trip), travelers can bring Immodium, Intetrix, or Flagyl and Smecta. 

For a more complete pharmacy, we recommend the following items:

- High protection sunscreen (protection 50), and lip stick

- Anti-insect repellent cream (with 50% DET) 

- Elastoplast and double skin (Compeed), assorted dressings

- Vitamin C or poly vitamins 

- Anti Diarrhea: Immodium 

- Intestinal Antiseptic: Intetrix, and Flagyl 

- Analgesic: Aspirin, Doliprane 

- Anti nausea: Primperan 

- Acetazolamide (high altitudes): Diamox 

- Eye drops (eyes) : Uveline or Antalyre 

- Coramine Glucose 

- Throat medication: Locabiotal, Lysopain 

- Betadine Ointment 

- Anti-inflammatory ointment

- Water treatment, Micropur type 

- Personal medication

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