Tinku in BoliviaTinku in Bolivia

Tinku in Bolivia

An age-old tradition with roots in the heart of the Bolivian Andes, the Tinku is a ceremonial fight practiced in honor of the mother earth: the pachamama

 The fight sees people of similar physiology confronting each other; resembling boxing, there are no rules governing the Tinku. The absence of a framework explains the degree of violence and the tragic endings that mar the ceremonial fight. 

 The blood that flows during the fights is used as an offering to the pachamama, which, according to the beliefs, will give fertility to the women, a good harvest or peace in the village. The death of one of the combatants is a sign of good omen for the whole community, as it is the ultimate offering, and the family of the deceased receives the honors.  

These rituals are accompanied by alcohol and music. The single women of the village find their future husbands during these rituals. 

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