The Tuni peopleThe Tuni people

The Tuni people

The Tuni community, Aymara, lives in the heart of the wonderful royal cordillera, at an altitude of 4400m, in almost total self-sufficiency because of the rugged terrain.

This people mainly lives from the labor of the land and breeding. From recently, a gradual opening up to the communitarian tourism allowed to diversify the available resources.

A weaving cooperative has been formed in order to share the ancestral art the Tuni people achieved to get back thanks to an Asur program. Another small museum has been built in order to present traditional medicine from the region and plants they use.

It is possible to share the daily life of this people by sleeping in an inhabitant house, subject to a contribution for the domestic work or by helping in the fields with the family.

What a better way to meet this Pre-Columbian people, one of the oldest of the continent!

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