The right seasons for a trip to BoliviaThe right seasons for a trip to Bolivia

The right seasons for a trip to Bolivia

It is possible to travel all year round in Bolivia.

However being an Andean country subject to a rainy season from December to March we recommend traveling during the dry season from April to November. 

Inconveniences linked to the climate:

 In case of heavy rains especially in the region of Uyuni, the salar becomes a lake, in this case the program will have to be changed for obvious security reasons. You will be kept informed of the new itinerary the days before your visit, this new itinerary will not be eligible for financial compensation. 

 In Bolivia most of the airports are not equipped to receive flights in case of bad weather, so in the rainy season there can be delays or cancellations of flights, independently of the will of Antipode. In this case Antipode reserves the right to change the means of transportation, for example, by taking a bus (without financial compensation) to ensure the continuity of your trip or for you to be able to take your international flight. If you end your trip with a national flight, most of our trips include a day at the end in La Paz, in order to keep a margin, in case of custom made trips we advise you to do the same (especially during the rainy season). 

Strikes and political unrest in Bolivia :

 Bolivia is a young, dynamic, authentic country, open to the world and to travelers. The social climate is in constant movement, there may be strikes, demonstrations or roadblocks.  In this case Antipode will make every effort to organize the trip, after prior acceptance on your part, a new itinerary will be proposed to you without any further financial compensation. If the amount of the new itinerary is higher than the one you purchased, the costs will be at your charge.  See our conditions of sale and cancellation. 

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