Money and Exchange Rates in BoliviaMoney and Exchange Rates in Bolivia

Money and Exchange Rates in Bolivia

Money: For the peace of mind of travelers we recommend using an anti-theft pouch worn around the neck or on the belt to store passport, currency, credit card, personal documents.  It is not necessary to travel with large amounts of money on you. We recommend the use of a "Visa International" or "Mastercard" credit card, as there are many ATMs. It is more convenient to withdraw money in the national currency "Boliviano" to pay for souvenirs and to keep a few dollars (or Euros) just in case. Our guide can indicate at any time the official exchange offices.  

In case of problems there are western union and money gram offices all over the country where you can receive money very quickly from your home country. 

Exchange rates: 

To get an idea of the exchange rates before your departure you can check the following website: 

Attention: The rates given by the site are the official rates which do not take into account the margins of the exchange house or the bank. It is very easy to change your Euros or US Dollars anywhere in the country, however if you are traveling in combination with another South American country (example: Peru), we recommend that you change the national currency of the other country before entering the country to have a more advantageous exchange rate.

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