Medias in BoliviaMedias in Bolivia

Medias in Bolivia

Medias in Bolivia

Despite a real freedom of expression in Bolivia, some decline has been noticed since 2007 as reflected by the world ranking of press freedom that downgraded it from the 16th to the 68th place.

Among the elements that can explain this situation, it is to notice the media polarization, pro or anti-Evo Morales. Much more decided, Medias fight in a newsworthy battle between both sides.

Print in Bolivia

Despite the few titles and readers, the Bolivian print has some good newspapers.

If you wish, here are some journals: La Razon, dealing with the business and economic communities, La Presencia with a leftist catholic editorial line, Los tiempos from Cochabamba, El Deber from Santa-Cruz and El Siglo in Sucre. For people who don’t read in Spanish, you can have, in all the country, the Bolivian Times (English weekly paper).

Television in Bolivia

Private television, as in many countries around the world, is quite “enticing”, especially with a lot of advertising.

There are two channels sharing the audience: ATB that is the public and national television and Bolivision, the main private channel of the country. In most of good quality hotels, you could access to cable television with a great and large choice of televisions from the entire world.

Radio in Bolivia

Evo MORALES access to power encouraged the apparition of a hundred small communal radios in Quechua or Aymara language, which help to integrate these communities in the country.

The main national radios of Bolivia are: Radio Nives 2001, Radio Estrella, Radio Panamericana and the Red Patria Nueva (public radio).

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