History of Bolivia: the independence – 19th centuryHistory of Bolivia: the independence – 19th century

History of Bolivia: the independence – 19th century

A certain number of Vice-royalty is taking turns, more oppressive the one and the others. Despite some attempts of indigenous organization to defeat the invader, the Spanish influence does not falter.

The independence of Bolivia would not come, surprisingly, from a popular uprising but from a decision on behalf of the white elite, named criolla, coming from the Spanish colonization but born on the American continent.

In 1809, an independence’s movement started from Sucre, but they would have to wait for Simon Bolivar (hero of the Latin-American independence), after freed Venezuela and Colombia in 1820, to trigger a massive independence’s movement though the entire continent.

In 1824, with the battle of Ayacucho, the Spanish empire’s army is defeated, the vice-royalty of Peru is beaten and marshal Sucre leads until the territories of the actual Bolivia. In 1825, the new Republic of Bolivia announces its independence. 

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