Health and travel in BoliviaHealth and travel in Bolivia

Health and travel in Bolivia

Half of the Bolivian territory is located in the Andean cordillera at high altitudes (+ than 3500 meters), engaging a good shape to carry out visits. In case of heart or lung problems, check with your general practitioner. He is the only one who can advise you.

Altitude sickness:


« Soroche » or Altitude Sickness, is a syndrome that can appear during a stay at high altitude. It gathers different symptoms that can emerge separately, as headaches, nauseas, dry and irritating cough, emesis, insomnia, vertigo and general fatigue.

A trip in Bolivia undoubtedly requires to cross at high altitudes so a few simple safety tips can prevent this annoyances. For instance, a progressive acclimation to altitude, moreover before a trekking or a climb. It is advisable to keep regularly hydrated by drinking water or herbal teas. Avoid alcohol and cigarette during the acclimation. You may take some herbal teas made of coca leaves.



Except for the Amazonian part, no vaccine is mandatory. However, it is advisable to check with your doctor and ask for reminders of routine vaccinations.

We recommend a preventive treatment for malaria, only for days spent in the Amazon. There is no malaria at high altitudes. 

The yellow fever vaccine is however mandatory in case of a passage in the Amazon jungle (which could be our case).

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