Golf in BoliviaGolf in Bolivia

Golf in Bolivia

Where it is possible to play golf in Bolivia? 

The king of sports in Bolivia is obviously football (or soccer), however, the special situation of the country offers the activity of some unusual disciplines.

This is the case with Golf; effectively the country with high lands has several golf courses in perfect conditions.

The origin of golf in Bolivia is linked with the railway company called “Bolivian Railroad Company” that, thanks to the development of railway lines, attracted from the headquarters located in England engineers and managers who founded the first club in La Paz in 1912.

The cultural specificities of the country are also present on the course, for example, you could see women that are in charge of the course trying to play golf with traditional “Cholitas” clothes. It is in the city of all superlatives, La Paz, that is present the highest golf course of the world (about 3700 meters), that just has been recommended by the “Golf Diggest”.

Most of players say that the ball flies better thanks to the lack of oxygen due to the altitude.

You also could try golf courses located in the Western Bolivia, into the warm and exuberant tropical vegetation. If this experience tempts you, do not hesitate to let us know.

Listing of the main golf courses in Bolivia

Golf course in La Paz

La Paz golf club

La Paz, Bolivia

Golf course in Santa- Cruz de la Sierra

Mapaizo Golf club

Km17 Carretera al Norte

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

La palmas country club

Avenida Las Palmas final

Barrio de Las Palmas

Casa de campo golf club

Km  9 / 2 Carretera al Norte

Santa rosa de la mina country of the club

San Javier 8 km de San Ramon

Laguna volcan eco resort

85 km de Santa Cruz Camino une Bermejo

Golf course in

Oruro golf club

Capachos, 25 kms. de Oruro, Carretera Obrajes de Oruro

Carretera Obrajes

Golf course in Sucre

Sucre golf club

Villa Victoria, un km 13.

Carretera in Potosi

Golf course in

Victoria golf club

Localidad La Victoria

Golf course in

El chocolatal golf Eco-resort

Km 12 carretera in Yucumo

Rurrenabaque Beni, Bolivia

Golf course in

Cochabamba country club

Zona Laguna Alalai

Campos amiraya golf club

Camino a Oruro, Sipe 

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