Clothing and equipment in generalClothing and equipment in general

Clothing and equipment in general

Bolivia has a wide variety of ecosystems and climates. It is therefore necessary to provide clothing for the heat as well as for the cool nights in mountainous areas. 

Its position, just below the equator and the altitude of certain zones increases the solar radiation very strongly, it is thus necessary to protect oneself effectively. You must bring a hat or a covering cap and sunglasses. 

For the ecotourism stay in the Amazon, travelers should bring light and covering clothes despite the heat, against insects: long pants, high socks and polo shirts or long-sleeved shirts. It is possible to treat clothing against insects with a suitable product. 

In the Andean highlands such as La Paz, Copacabana, Uyuni salt desert, provide warmer clothes for the evening: sweaters, pants, high socks, anorak or windcheater. 

We also remind you to bring a bathing suit and a towel for swimming in thermal waters or in the Amazon. 

You will have the possibility to do laundry during your trip. Hotels where you sleep offer laundry service (except shelters). It is therefore not necessary to bring spare clothes for each day. 

Important : If you are traveling in South Lipez, we strongly advise you to take a sleeping bag with you, even in the charm and prestige hotel categories because in case of bad weather (rain or snow) some of the hotels are no longer accessible and we should sleep in a refuge. In the salar of Uyuni we recommend the use of sunglasses and sunscreen (total screen) because the reverberation is very strong.  

Shoes :

    Bolivia is a natural country with many protected areas that can be visited on foot. Very comfortable shoes such as sneakers or walking shoes should be worn. City shoes or shoes with heels should be avoided. 

 In case of trekking - Trekking equipment :

 We do not recommend backpacks weighing more than 10Kg. 

Shoes must be high. If you buy them before coming, we recommend you to use them before your departure on the trekking to avoid pain due to new shoes. 

You should also bring a rain cape covering your bag. A trekking sleeping bag, shaped like a sarcophagus, with a small footprint will allow you to sleep comfortably whatever the place. If your sleeping bag is not designed for low temperatures (-10°C comfort), it is possible to add an inner bag (or meat bag) made of cotton, or better, fleece or silk. A lamp (preferably frontal) is very useful during bivouacs. 

Don't forget the batteries! Flat 4.5V batteries are not available in South America. Provide an adapter for 1.5V round batteries. One or more walking sticks, if you are used to them. For the passages of collars provide hat and gloves. 

In case of ascent :

 In addition to the trekking equipment you must bring with you:

 - Your high mountain boots plastic shells

- Your studs 

- Your harness and carabiners 

- Your ice axe 

     It is possible to rent the equipment on the spot, in this case please contact our agency. 

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