Che Guevara’s last fightChe Guevara’s last fight

Che Guevara’s last fight

While Che Guevara is an icon for social justice struggles in the entire Latin America, it is especially strong in Bolivia. Last scene of his life and fight, his image is very present in people’s minds.

After leading the Cuban Revolution in 1959, he left the island in 1965 to extend it in all the South American continent. He settled in the region of Santa Cruz at the end of 1966 and tries to start a second revolution by convincing Bolivian farmers that they are used and they must revolt.

But asthma, tiredness, suspicion from famers and treason from the Bolivian Communist Party stopped him in a few months. He is captured on October 1967 near to La Higuera and executed the day after in Vallegrande.

Today, it is possible to visit the last struggle places of the guerillero by traveling along the “Che’s road”, kind of pilgrimage in honor of this man who stood against social injustices and in favor of the Latin American Unit.

Values and claims conveyed by its image are still very often lent during social manifestations in all Bolivia

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