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« Baroque » roads

The “Baroque” style was born in the 16th century in Italia in the cities of Rome, Mantua, Venice and Florence. It is present in every areas; music, painting, sculpture, architecture and theater. It is distinguished by the exuberance of the movements as well as the shapes. Overworked in decorations, almost pompous, it is the continuity of the Renaissance artistic movement.

Bolivia represents, in the entire Latin America, the ultimate country for “Baroque” style.

It is a place where the Native Americans mixed it with the aboriginal art. Thus, we can talk about Métis/half-breed baroque.

For example, in the architectural area, we can’t talk about baroque without mentioning the Jesuit missions in the east of Santa-Cruz de la Sierra, which are recognized by UNESCO with San-Javier, Santa-Ana and San-Miguel towns and the wonderful church of San-José de Chiquitos.

Nevertheless, the Baroque architecture shouldn’t be limited to Jesuit missions. Indeed, it is present in all over Bolivia. In Potosi, there are the “Casa de la Moneda”, Santa-Teresa monastery, San-Lorenzo portal and San-Martin and Manquiri church. In Sucre, there are the Merced church, San-Francisco church, San Miguel church, Santa-Clara monastery, the recoleta and the cathedral. In La Paz, there are the national museum of art and San-Francisco monastery. It is also possible to mention Carabuco de Carahua and Sica-Sica churches, both located on the way between La Paz and Oruro.

In Bolivia, the baroque music is also a result of a subtle blend, between the colonial art and the festive and rhythmic aboriginal songs of the region. The artisans keep producing their instruments and the creation of a music school ensures to preserve this culture. The music school of Moxos, over the time, got back thousands of original music scores, scattered in the vast territory of Beni. This treasure is the original baroque music that was played in that region before the colonial governments deport Jesuits.

Every two years, the region of Jesuit missions organizes a baroque music festival, internationally known, and, on this occasion, we manage trips during the representations. Please, feel free to contact us if you are interested in. 

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