Square of November 10th

Potosi knew its golden age thanks to the discovery of a silver mine in the Sumaj Orki (rich mountain), to mention the famous quote, Potosi was “the Centre of the World”. The square of November 10th (corresponding to the city’s birthday) is the best witness of the opulence’s and splendor period. The square is decorated with an exact reproduction, large-scale, of the Statue of Liberty which has been built by Bartholdi and Eiffel themselves, in honor to the revolution of the city. There also is a monument dedicated to “charango” (small Andean guitar with 12 strings). The Square is surrounded by important monuments such as the Cathedral, the ancient Hotel of Currency, and the Cabildo (municipal parliament). Another square, adjacent, November 6th (Independence Day) presents an obelisk in honor to Alonzo de Ibañez, important character for the History of Bolivia, who led a revolution against the Spanish Crown in 1613.

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