Rurrenabaque is the main touristic stop to enter into the Amazon territory. Some people will stay in the city so as to enjoy the wonderful view on the surrounding hills, or to enjoy a walk along Beni’s river. The jungle, very close, is already covering the space with its mysterious characteristics, full of noises, smells, and colors. Other people consider Rurrenabaque as a base to start the conquest of the “green lung” of our planet; Amazon. Proximity with the natural park of Madidi makes easily accessible a quantity of expeditions for different levels of difficulties and interest. Easy to go from La Paz, Rurre (as it is called in the region) has the advantage of owning more regular and cheaper access in comparison with other parts of Amazon. On the other side, today, the city is almost completely oriented to occident tastes (in restaurants menus, coffees, bars, small hotels…) and lost its authenticity because of the very important presence of strangers. Nevertheless, it still is an access point to Amazon that is practical and advised.

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