Road of Jewels

This route passes by several lakes: Cañapa, Hedionda, Honda, Ch'arkota, and Ramaditas. Each lagoon represents a "jewel", shining with its specific color. Laguna Cañapa: Salted lake in the desert in the south of Lipez, with a surface of 1.4 km, it is surrounded by volcanos and houses an important fauna such as flamingos. Laguna Helionda: From its 4134m in the north of the Salar of Chalviri, this salted lake, milky white, extends, majestic, encircled by high mountain peaks. The brown land of the shores welcome thousands of flamingos and there is a feeling of touching the sky. Laguna Honda: Landscape surrounded away by volcanos with snowy peaks. Laguna Honda, which name means “deep lake”, is in reality only 10cm depth. But this shallow depth makes this lake particularly calm and a true mirror in which the blue sky and its cloudy variations can reflect, over time. A breathtaking spectacle, moreover when herds of flamingos catch their flight… Laguna Chiarkota: stiff and steep peaks, mainly covered with snow, overhanging the lake and then, sweet hills, and again and again flamingos living in the area, enhancing landscapes with bright colors where crisp air of mountains is missing upon the beauty of the surroundings. Laguna Ramaditas: this small lake with volcanic shapes stands at 4400 m height. The surrounding mounts, with raw rock, give the sensation of being on March or Neptune.

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