Noël KempffNoël Kempff

Noël Kempff

This is one of the most beautiful natural park of the Bolivian Amazon and Latin America, at the border with Brazil. To go there, you have to leave from San Ignacio, in the Jesuits missions. Going from 200 m to 1000 m height, there are an incredible diversity of climates and so, the living species are protected. Alligators, river dolphins, giant otters are living into those waters. Peccaries, tapirs, parrots are easy to notice and, on the opposite, you would be lucky if you see howler monkeys, spectacled bears (jucumari) or foxes with small hears. The presence of an amazing variety of birds is also easy to see with a binocular. Apart from its rich fauna, flora offers climate changes and wonderful landscapes, going from tropical forest, hot and stifling, to rocky and steep plains, passing through natural waterfalls and pools.

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