National park of Kaa IyaNational park of Kaa Iya

National park of Kaa Iya

Located in the department of Santa Cruz, this park has been firstly created in cooperation with different associations (Guarani population, state institutions, international institutions – World Bank-, international cooperation/foundation…) in order to protect biodiversity in the Pantanal’s region, as well as to ensure the preservation of the natural environment of several indigenous communities, especially the Guarani. Its etymology in guarani means “protector of the forest” and it expresses the duty that are in charge the different Amerindian peoples present in the area, which declared themselves as guarantors, supported by different institutions. It includes more than one million one hundred thousand hectares, the park does not have any tourism infrastructure, accommodation or service; less practical but more authentic. With the richest diversity of mammal fauna of the world, such as felines, enjoying an excursion is a true immersion into the wildlife of Kaa Iya National Park.

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