Cultural Center- San Francisco MuseumCultural Center- San Francisco Museum

Cultural Center- San Francisco Museum

San Francisco Church, very important for its architecture and its cloister, is now part of the inevitable visits in the city of La Paz. Part of the Covent has been destined to the museum, describing the passing of the time through the history of the country. In its crypt, there are important characters such as Eduardo Avaroa (hero of the Pacific War), Pedro Domingo Murillo and José Ballivian, among other famous persons of the 1809’s Revolution. The museum also theorizes rests of the city, as the bell rang by Franciscans, serving to call Indians to revolt against the Spanish Crown. Finally, you cannot forget to go on the church’s roofs to enjoy the view of San Francisco’s Square. Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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