The road of deathThe road of death

The road of death

The road from La Paz to Coroico won this worthy name from a western or a Tarantino’s movie, because of the sharp precipices extending on its sides and its degree of danger; narrow and sinuous, the annual rainfalls often make this road perilous.

However, this speedy descent allows to appreciate the progressive change of vegetation; from the high Andean peaks you slowly go down to a high-jungle vegetation, with especially coffee plantations and exotic fruits.

A true diving in the heart of Yungas valleys! And fortunately for you (and for us), a new road has been created in order to make the connection with Coroico more fluent.

The road of death is still open to adventurers who, from their mountain bikes, would like to join the low and green valleys by brushing the abyss at each turn.

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