Reading for your trip to Bolivia.Reading for your trip to Bolivia.

Reading for your trip to Bolivia.

Before your trip to Bolivia or during your trip we recommend the following books:

 - Diary of Bolivia: November 7, 1966-1967 (The Discovery, 1997) by Ernesto GUEVARA retraces the last year of life of Ché at the heart of his attempt at Bolivian revolution.

- Voyage en Bolivie (Aux sources du Maicá, 2006) by Francesco PEZZETI who is a writer and illustrator, relates a trip to Bolivia accompanied by small sketches and drawings.

- It is said that I survived somewhere beyond the seas (The Discovery, 1997) by Gunther HOLZMANN, a former humanist anti-Nazi who lived a large part of his life in Bolivia.

 - The Lost Continent (Pygamalion, 1991) by Percy Harrison FAWCETT who recounts his incredible journey through the Amazon at the beginning of the 20th century.

 - Les chemins du baroque dans le nouveau monde (Fayard, 1996) by Alain PACQUIER on the history of Bolivia and Latin America.

- Si on me donne la parole (The Discovery) by Domitila CHUNGARA which is the moving story of a miner's wife who began a hunger strike that succeeded in bringing down the dictator Hugo BANZER.


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